Securing and institutionalizing the rights of entitlements for the marginalized communities in Chhattisgarh

Project Objective:-

  • The main objective of the project is to provide their rights (individual and community forest resources) to the tribal tribes living in Chhattisgarh.
  • Awareness and organization of landless and marginalised communities in 280 villages.
  • Development of Local Leadership in all villages.
  • Claiming Land Rights and Entitlements in interface with the State.

We are working on 7 districts of Chhattisgarh.

  1. Koriya
  2. Bilaspur
  3. Kabirdham
  4. Rajnandgaon
  5. Dhamtari
  6. Gariyaband
  7. Mahasamund

45 Village covered from each district. So the total no of villages = 315


  • 280 Well organised ‘Village Collectives’ which meet every month, who are capacitated for filing their land claims, conduct village meetings for local level actions, initiate dialogue with the local administration, engaged in building local resources i.e. land, water and forest etc.
  • 560 Local leaders prepared to take up issues affecting their own community particularly related to land and forest rights in 280 villages.
  • Out of 10296 IFR, 5682 claims are submitted to SDLC in which 459 gets their entitlements.
  • Out of 83 CFRs, 34 claims have been submitted to SDLC out of which 8 villages have been granted CFR Entitlements.